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Collaborative Communities may exist both online and off and consist of groups of people working together to solve complex problems in any field. The natural emergance of such communities are common in the workplace, however the conscious formation of such communities online (and off) stands to gain from more exploration of the subject.

Dilemmas and Proposals Edit

Below is a growing list of problems and solutions encountered in such communities.

Dilemma: not knowing how all the collaborators are to behave (netiquette) Edit

Proposals Edit

  • defining a netiquette for the collaborators to develop and respect
  • (do you mean how to) attract collaborators that have an agreed netiquette
  • allow anything goes and have an effective conflict management strategy

Discussion Edit

Dilemma: collaborators that do not know what to do for the cooperative Edit

Proposals Edit

  • developing explicit primary tasks and work for the group
  • defining roles within the collaborative unit (who does what)
  • allow time for intuitive structures of role definition to occur
  • seek collaborators with more initiative

Discussion Edit

Dilemma: disagreements or misunderstandings Edit

Proposals Edit

  • conflict management strategies (mediation, moderation, limitation, arbitrary decisions, etc)
  • the collaborators as a harmonious symbiotic structure that includes conflict as positive

Discussion Edit

=== Dilemma: collectives that constantly raise problems without seeking solutions

Proposals Edit

  • foster collectives who solve problems too
  • foster collectives that raise & solve problems

Discussion Edit

Examples Edit

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