A collaborative real-time editor is a kind of text editor that allows simultaneous editing of the same text by different participants using different computers. 21:36, November 2, 2013 (UTC)

Software that was designed for collaborative real-time editing of text
  • Amy Editor is an collammers, supporting syntax highlighting, operates through a web browser. The software is open source.
  • SubEthaEdit (Mac OS X)
  • ACE (Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X) is a free and easy-to-use collaborative text editor.
  • Gobby (Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X) is a free software, open source project. It is cross-platform (though Mac version requires X-windows and is not trivial to get working - v.0.2.0 as at 08Oct2005). First released in June 2005.
  • MoonEdit (Linux, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD) is free for non-commercial use, it allows basic collaborative editing
  • Groove Networks contains a collaborative editing module.
  • Chalks is a cross platform, free software, open source project currently in pre-alpha phase.
  • Yarrr (☠) allows real time collaborative web-based editing and whiteboarding as a MediaWiki extension.
  • oxyd [1] is a open-source web based collaborative editor in development as a Summer of Code [2] project.
  • Marratech [3] is commercial software with a whiteboard function.
  • LeoN, as described by its own site, is "a plugin for Leo to enable collaborative editing over the network."
  • SIGSoft Editor is the early stages of a student-developed collaborative editor. (No working version as of January '06.)
  • LivePad, "a near real-time web-based collaborative editor for Mozilla and its derivatives, like Mozilla Firefox."
  • WriteURL, a free real-time collaborative editor that requires no registration. It uses web sockets, and node.js on the server.
Web browser based collaborative real-time editing of documents
  • JotSpot Live [4]
  • SynchroEdit web-based application, currently in alpha release
  • Collabedit real-time source code editor
  • Squadreal-time source code editor
  • beWeeVee co-operative editor based on Microsoft Silverlight
  • Etherpad open source extremely fast and lightweight collaborative editor
  • Firepad open source collaborative code / rich-text editor
Other software that allows collaborative real-time editing
  • GNU Emacs provides basic collaborative editing support under the X Window System, using the "make-frame-on-display" command.
  • GNU Screen allows multiple users to share one console screen, but they have to share a single cursor.
  • DocSynch [5] is a simple collaborative editing protocol using Internet Relay Chat. Only one author can write at a given time.
Software that is collaborative but not real time
  • Writeboard [6] This is just web based version control, not real time at all
  • Writely [7] is a web browser based collaborative editor, syncs are 'every few seconds' rather than real time
  • - free online collaboration platform for creating and publishing content.

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