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Wikiversity \Leftrightarrow Wikiversity
Grand Scheme of Things
SourceForge \Rightarrow MediaWiki \Leftarrow Wikimedia
\Downarrow 1999
Meta-Wiki \Leftrightarrow Nupedia
\Downarrow 2001
Wiktionary \Leftarrow Wikipedia \Rightarrow Wikiquote
\Downarrow 2003
Wikinews \Leftarrow Wikibooks \Rightarrow Wikispecies
\Downarrow 2005
Wikisource \Leftarrow Wikiversity \Rightarrow Commons
\Downarrow 2007

Wikiversity Update Edit

Current events#Wikiversity: Update is archived at:

[[Meta Collab:Wikiversity/2006/{{CURRENTWEEK}}

We run back and forth from here to Wikiversity all the time:

  1. Meta Collab:Wikiversity/2006/41
  2. Meta Collab:Wikiversity/2006/42
  3. Meta Collab:Wikiversity/2006/5

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