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Produsage can be roughly defined as modes of production which are led by users or at least crucially involve users as producers - in other words, the user acts as a hybrid user/producer, or produser, virtually throughout the production process. Produsage demonstrates the changed content production value chain model in collaborative online environments: in these environments, a strict producer/consumer dichotomy no longer applies - instead, users are almost always also able to be producers of content, and often necessarily so in the very act of using it.

Some key characteristics of produsage are the following:

  • users are productive - produsage is user-led or at least significantly user-involved, and requires heterarchical, permeable community structures,
  • there is collaborative engagement between users and/or between users and other stakeholders,
  • prodused artefacts are unfinished - produsage is palimpsestic, iterative, and evolutionary in its development of ideas and content,
  • alternative approaches to intellectual property are employed in the produsage process.

Snurb 14:17, 11 July 2006 (UTC)

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